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Hot to Trot

by Holy Tunics

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released on cassette via GP STRIPES

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"On March 27, these unheralded New Yorkers scored an opening slot at Warsaw with great Scots Teenage Fanclub. And though that might turn the eyes of other bands green with envy, Hot (throwback cassette and bandcamp download) makes abundantly clear how much that was thoroughly earned on merit. Although several tunes date to 2015’s rougher-recorded Notes From Captivity Pt. 2, Holy Tunics have streamlined them with energetic, smoother yet punchy production and playing that reinforces their hooky guitar-pop heroics. The Nick Rogers-led group are like the still-at-it Feelies’ coolly relentless, expanding-on-a-note riffing and The dBs’ melodics (with friendly singing like The Cyrkle and Mazarin, to mix decades), making them a louder rockin’ answer to EZTV, DIIV, Hoops, Horsebeach, and other nimble, buzzing popsters who should join a Fannies bill someday as a bucket list goal. “Hot to Trot” and the dashing “Forget Your Love” stand out on a polished yet forceful six-song gem fans of the aforementioned should hear."
-Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover, Issue #80


released December 10, 2016

Produced by Holy Tunics

Engineered by Jeff Berner at Studio G 44 Dobbin St, Brooklyn, NY 11222
Mastered by Amar Lal


Nick Rogers - Vocals, Guitar
Matt Billington - Bass
Davey Jones - Guitar, Vocals on "Winnepeg Combine", Tamborine
Jeremy Sampson - Drums
Ana Becker - Vocals
Jeff Berner - Organ on Hot to Trot, Noise on Winnepeg Combine

Special thanks to Brian Alvarez and Jordan Bell
Cover Art by Maggie Horne
Layout by Jordan Bell & Maggie Horne



all rights reserved
Track Name: Hot to Trot
Slightly distasteful projection of my worth,
on such a sunny day at work.
What a simply moronic place this is to live
my life.

You tried but it was wasteful,
you honest little kid,
and now you wonder just what it is you did.
Why did you dream the dream that you did?
Why do you want to end it all?

I am here to tell you you're not alone.
If you should die, then we all die.

I know you've been waiting,
you know its so frustrating.
What if Rimbaud never left his home, never ran away, never found the words he wanted to say?

We would all feel so much more alone.
We would never know.
No we'd never know.

Pablo Picasso wastes away,
he's got too many bills he has to pay.

Today we all feel so much more alone.
Today, we all die.
Track Name: Good Sex
Smells like you,
smells like only you,
I'm not me when I'm with you,
smells like only you.

Come gently,
lips feel like home,
come sweetly, completely
come gently,
lips feel like come.
Track Name: Notes from Captivity
Sometimes its hard to talk to me,
living in captivity,
so drugged up I can't be still,
but I know I am the king of hell.
Would you ride me? C'mon, c'mon

I sell my heart to thee, and I am relieved by the suffering in me.

Put your money where your mouth is, and I will rid you of your dream.
Still stuck living where your house is,
we can build a better dream.

Some people dont believe they're in captivity.
Track Name: Forget Your Love
Just forget it,
I'll spend all my time
trying to forget about you.
And you're so sarcastic, with all your style
I can live without you.

It's just the modern day,
the modern way.

Just forget it, I'll spend all my time
trying to forget about you,
and you look so pretty,
with all your style,
I can live without you.
Track Name: Winnipeg Combine
Lost sight of Winnepeg,
go softly into the lake
feel the water inside your head
feel the water inside your mouth
once high in seperate ways
go softly
to replace, your love for the human race
your sadness be erased.
Track Name: Clutching the Straw Map to Your Heart
I've seen it somewhere, wherever,
two people go together.
I've seen it on the street,
and it seems like something that I want,
just for me.
Just for me,

and theres one hand clutching the straw map to your heart,
one hand clutching the straw map to your mind
and its mine all mine.